Writing application

Now that you are informed of the way things operate here, you may go on and write the application. Make sure you include your age, at least 2 links to your pages on other backrooms sites (or your author's page that have listed all of your works), and an explanation of why you want to join.

A valid application should look like this:

Age: 18
My pages on the EN site (for example):

(or My author page: http://backrooms-wiki.wikidot.com/my-author-page)
Reasons: I want to join to view comments on the translated pages of my works. (or any other valid reasons)

Make sure you have read the rules before you submit your application:

您必须拥有 Wikidot.com 账户并登入,才能申请成员资格。

若您已有 Wikidot.com 账户


Note: To submit a second application, you need to delete the denied application from your Wikidot inbox. Please wait at 24~72 hours for us to respond to your application. If you get confused, please PM one of the staffs below:

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